Frequently Asked Questions

Your ad will usually appear within 2-3 BUSINESS DAYS. If there is no space available, it may be a few days longer until a space opens up.

Your ad time will not start until we put the ad on the site. So even if you order and it takes 2 days for the ad to appear on the site, you are NOT losing 2 days worth of ad time.

You should have a stats program on your site to track incoming visitors, etc. which will show how many visitors are coming from our site. We recommend using Google Analytics as it is the most comprehensive and accurate option available. It is MUCH more accurate than the Awstats provided by most web hosts, which shows more than what you are actually receiving, and free of adware like Stat Counter, Site Meter and the other options.
You will receive an email notification a few days before your ad is scheduled to be deactivated.

If you have a Paypal Subscription set up to automatically make your payments, then you can ignore the deactivation notification (it’s sent out automatically by our ad system) and you’ll receive a notice when your payment has been made. We will automatically renew your ad as long as your subscription is active.

If you do NOT have a Paypal Subscription set up and would like to renew, you need to come back to this site and purchase more ad time. Doing this before your ad expires will ensure that you do not lose your positioning.

As long as you renew prior to your ad campaign being deactivated, you will keep your spot. If the ad is deactivated without renewal for more than 1 day, we will move another ad up to your spot and if you rewew, you will have to start back at the bottom.
There are no refunds for advertising purchases for any reason.